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Letter from the President of the Management Board print

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks to the development of our network of distribution centres, the optimisation of our transport structure and the consolidation of deliveries, each day we supply about 5,000 individual retailers, whereas last year we served over 12,000 different pharmacies, which constitute the majority of the pharmacy market.

In 2013 our Capital Group had the revenue of PLN 5,206 mln from sales. Yet again for the second consecutive year, we increased our net profit to PLN 125 mln, and the profit from operational activity amounted to PLN 113 mln.

We closed the year 2013 as the consolidated group of pharmaceutical wholesalers who operate from 8 modern, fully automated, logistic centres and are supported by our central, informative system which is based on the Oracle data base and compatible with a modern data warehouse.  All our logistic centres operate under the same procedures and principles and are subject to central control and management.

All these achievements let us believe that we are well prepared for the challenges of the year 2014 such as: the decrease in a unit selling price and in the margin on reimbursed medicines by another percentage point as well as greater negotiation powers on the part of consolidating pharmacy networks, the impact of which may not only entail further regress of margins but also force suppliers to focus on building direct commercial links with retailers. There are also additional minor challenges connected with the growing costs of employment and transport as well as indispensable investment outlays. 

Thanks to our rational economy, fiscal policy, the consequent application of commercial and logistic strategies as well as the commitment of experienced management and operational staff, our company has again completed all planned goals,  despite unfavourable tendencies on the pharmaceutical market.

I hope that materials which are available in the investor section will be of interest to you. Please feel welcome to review them and contact us for further information.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara Kaszowicz

Vice-President of  Farmacol S.A.